Sudden Soul - July 8th, 2024 Update

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No prophecies. No legends foretold. No destined hero. A sudden blackout within the city of Oasys causes havoc as people and creatures wake up with new powers. Control 10 different party members each with their own element which can combo off another. Light up an enemy who just got oil bombed, electrocute a ruffian after they got drenched in water - and many more possibilities. Sudden Soul is a turn-based RPG with CCG (Collectible Card Game) elements.

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Sudden Soul's gameplay skeleton has a bit of an update! We're refining it a bit more before we continue working on the overworld, inventory and shop systems.

Posted by crocbyte on Jul 8th, 2024

Sudden Soul - July 8th, 2024 Update


Sudden Soul's combat system is all about comboing different elements together. Whether it be throwing a blob of oil at an enemy and lighting it on fire or drenching someone in water and proceeding to electrocute them. These different combos all have different effects and will also increase your "Soul Gauge" - once the soul gauge is full, you can unleash a more powerful attack.


Once we're done with a little more refinement of the combat, we'll move on to fixing up the overworld, setting up the two shops (the merchant and the blacksmith) and making an inventory system to deal with decks and equipment.

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