Everwayne Developer's Diary #3

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A deck-building roguelike game from a small indie company with passion creating games for Players. The game offers an exhilarating adventure where deck-building mechanics intertwine with role-playing elements. Characters traverse the lands of Everwane solo or gather an entire squad to stand against the forces of evil. - Collect Cards and Learn New Strategies - Unlock New Playable Characters - Embark on an adventure with a single character or assemble a squad of 4 - Explore the world of Everwayne and delve into the Personal Stories of the main heroes - Character positioning in battle The world of Everwayne is withering under the grip of the Tyrant - the Eternal Guardian. He has gathered many minions to protect Everwayne from the evil seeking to engulf this world. For many decades, the Eternal Guardian has stood watch over the world, but many do not believe in his protection and blame him for all the ailments, decline, and ruin. The inhabitants of the world have accepted their fate

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Hello friends! Today, we want to immerse you in the fantastic world of Everwayne and share more about the project, which over the past few years has become not just a game but a part of our lives, where we pour all our efforts.

Posted by 4talegame on Jul 9th, 2024

So what is Everwayne?

It's a collectible card roguelike game with RPG elements, deep narrative, dynamic card battles, and unique handcrafted art.

We chose this project specifically to create a game where genre enthusiasts could truly enjoy the full spectrum of gameplay variety, their decisions, challenges, and the search for secrets.


We're developing this game on the Unity engine, and it has undergone quite a few changes from its initial conceptual versions. The first concepts and vision of the game were laid out back in 2021. At this stage of development, we are approaching the Early Access release.

Be sure to join our Discord because on July 17, 2024, exciting news awaits you.


Thank you for being with us, let's together save the dying world of Everwayne!

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