Erenshor, the simulated MMORPG, In Search of Playtesters

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Erenshor is a single player RPG set in an MMORPG world. Adventure alone or with simulated players, find thousands of items, complete hundreds of quests, and become a legend. Releasing in 2024.

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We're beginning testing for Erenshor to ensure quality for Steam Next Fest.

Posted by ZemoreDesign on Jul 9th, 2024


Burgee Media has announced that they’re beginning the search for playtesters for their simulated MMORPG, Erenshor. The developer is looking for feedback on world design, content balance, and the early stages of the game’s story.

Interested players can sign up for a chance to be a tester on the Steam Page for a closed, limited beta test of Erenshor. Temporary access will be granted to the full, in-development play area, and any progress made during this test will be saved for players when the game releases, so there’s no worry about losing your progress! Early testing will be limited to smaller cohorts, in order to prevent duplicate reports of obvious issues. More testers will be added over time as issues become more obscure.If at any time access to the playtest is unavailable, you can bet that it’s because Burgee Media wants to implement large content updates. This can include, but is not limited to, new items, spells, characters, and content stat changes, as well as item and spell removal for balancing purposes. There will always be exciting changes and updates coming to the world of Erenshor for players to enjoy!

Playtesters will be free to stream Erenshor content to their channels, make videos, and share screenshots as long as it’s done with the knowledge or disclaimer that it is a beta test and that bugs may occur.

Feedback forms will be provided via a link in-game, and the amount of feedback received will be a determining factor in how long each round of testers has access to the build. The more information Burgee Media has to work with, the better! This includes all the positive AND negative feedback you, as a playtester, can offer.

If playtesting the full world of Erenshor sounds exciting to you, then please sign up via the Steam Page, and we look forward to reading or viewing your experiences!

PUBLIC DEMO: You can download directly from our Steam page

Game: Erenshor

Genre: Simulated MMORPG

Release Date: 2025


Steam Page | Press Kit | Trailer

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