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Fight off swarms of monsters, fill your backpack with various weapons and items and battle your way through powerful bosses! Each run is different as you level up your character and unlock new weapons, items, relics and abilities.

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Our testers attempt to make the most broken build in the upcoming indie game Backpack Survivors.

Posted by NjitRam on Jul 9th, 2024

Our testers have been hard at work and created some seriously overpowered builds that have triggered some serious balancing changes. But it would be a shame not to share these builds with the community so below you can find 2 builds that our testers created in the Alpha version of Backpack Survivors.

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The first build we take a look at is one centered around Poison. The Poison Vials affect the whips to have them deal poison damage. Poison is them buffed greatly (dealing 150% bonus damage). The rest of the build mainly gives lots of health and speed plus a bit of lifesteal to stay alive while mowing through the enemies.

The result can be seen in the gif below.

The second build takes advantage of the fact that our weapons don't have a minimum cooldown yet.
Even with the smaller backpack size, it was still possible to have 2 Stone Greatswords with basically zero cooldown because of all the candles affecting the swords

This turns out to be an unstoppable whirlwind of swords !

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