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Can you escape the land of puzzles? Enter Puzzledorf and test your skills, solving puzzles and finding your way out!

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Article originally posted on my blog here.

Out with the old, in with the new. Things are changing at Puzzledorf HQ. In a big new update on Steam, Puzzledorf, the colourful block pushing puzzle game from SPG Games, has just received a make-over! New graphics are ready to play! You can see a preview below.

The environments have been enlarged, adding more lush details and cascading waterfalls, so if you get stuck on a puzzle, you can sit back and watch the scenery. It’s a great way to unwind. With the new addition of ambient nature sounds, the experience is now more immersive than ever before! Solve puzzles on golden beaches, mysterious forests or the snowy caverns below, trying to escape the land of Puzzledorf. And if you make it to the lava world, it’s hotter than ever! Can you find your way out

For those new to Puzzledorf, you have to push the right coloured block onto the correct target in a series of progressively harder puzzle mazes. There’s beginner levels to teach new players how to play, and colour blind options as well.

The free Xbox demo, which has a limited number of levels, has received nearly 8,000 downloads, with a planned full release later this year, which will include achievements and cloud saves.

The new graphics update is about to hit Atari VCS, with a free demo soon to follow. A free demo for Steam is also imminent, and a Nintendo Switch launch is planned sometime in the near future. There are plans to add more free puzzles in a coming update.


If you enjoy playing and want to support Puzzledorf, or any other indie game, leaving a review really helps with the stores algorithms and discoverability, and helps new players to make an informed choice. It’s one of the best ways to show continued support and help a developer.

Meanwhile, the developer is setting their sights elsewhere, beginning work on a brand new, dungeon crawling prototype. If you’d like to stay tuned about Puzzledorf or future projects, you can follow on socials, or check out the Puzzledorf website.

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