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ÆON FLUX Episodes is an old school 2d side scroller for the PC. It’s based primarily on the ÆON FLUX shorts from MTV’s Liquid Television. The game play mechanics are built around exploration, some pretty cool gymnastics and of course, lots of gun play.

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I'm posting this article mainly just to announce the project but I've also included some technical information below that you may find interesting. I just finished uploading most of my profile content, though I still have some things to add. Please visit my website for more information and screenshots. This game features some pretty detailed animation that I've been looking forward to showing off so be sure to watch the trailer.

AFE is a shoot-em-up with a bit of parkour action thrown in. As the characters move there are gates in certain parts of their animation where the transition to a different animation can be made. It may feel awkward at first but this allows for some very fluid character movement. If you've ever played games like Flashback or Abe's Odyssey then you may already have a feel for it. Every animation in the game plays at 24 frames per second. No exceptions.

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