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Haunting Humans Studio | Who Are You!? (Demo) |

Get immersed into a deep sci-fi psychological horror experience, where you'll have to fight through your memories and emotions while you try to understand what's real about the disappearance of your wife 20 years ago, and the connection with the kidnapper of your daughter with the Alien Mask.

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Hello, Humans!👽

We are excited to share that we are currently working on our new updates, setting up the new demo that will be soon available.

There's a lot of work that we keep putting into this project that we love, and we are enhancing the quality of every aspect of it, from the psychological part, to the atmosphere, and sound design.

You'll be able to find all the updates and news on our socials, so make sure to check them out and we hope that once the new demo is out, everyone is able to enjoy it and love as much as we do.

As a bonus, here's our new trailer!👀

Who Are You!? - Trailer 2

And some examples of the work we've been doing for the past months!

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