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CodWorks takes place in the Greenland sea where our protagonist drives a steam powered dory in search of cod fish with the help of his harpoon.

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Hello everyone we are BitterBeetleStudios and today we are here to share with you what we have been working in terms of Cutscenes!

Posted by BitterBeetleStudios on Jul 5th, 2024

To everyone that does not know Cod Works is a shooter game based on the Portuguese cod fishing in the 20 centuries mixing it with science fiction Victorian era machinery steampunk, we have been developing it for some weeks now and we plan for much more to come.

Welcome back for another post, this week we want to talk with you about some game cutscenes we have been working on.

In the beginning and end of the game and between each level Cod Works will have cutscenes, these cutscenes will be in a cardboard style explaining the backstory of the game and what happen on that day on the life of our character. In total there is going to be 3 cutscenes with a total of more or less 5 to 6 minutes of full cutscenes.

Now we would like to share some images of our cutscenes, without any spoilers, just to everyone to get a feeling of what we are trying to achieve with this approach.

Now take a look at some screenshots from our cutscenes, they have audio of a narrator, subtitles and the cardboard art.

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