[Find with Seoul] Devlog #23

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Seoul now lives in a post-cyberpunk dystopian world, as evidenced by LJ8 crashing his robot cleaning service into an unfortunate clone named Charashi who seems hopeless and without direction for herself - yet LJ8 sees something different - find out how Charashi changes after meeting LJ8!

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Solve simple three-match puzzles while following the story of Seoul clones living in a post-cyberpunk dystopian world.

Please allow me to extend a sincere apology for our recent updates being delayed unexpectedly. It was never my intent to keep you waiting, and any disappointment this may have caused is deeply regretted by me.

Due to my need to secure employment for myself and secure adequate living accommodations, project development took longer than planned. Although my goal had been to balance job hunting with project development successfully, this proved more difficult than anticipated and caused my mental focus to become disperse; creating videos and writing developer logs, which are usually enjoyable activities, have instead become sources of stress; consequently creating videos or writing developer logs has caused communication gaps; however I remain committed to regular developer logs which may or may not include videos/pictures as expected.

Now that my job interviews and related tasks have come to a conclusion, I am starting to dedicate some of my free time back towards this project - however there remain several obligations which need to be fulfilled first so at present I cannot give an exact timeline as for its completion; please accept my apology for this lack of certainty.

Positively, my time of reflection has allowed me to make important decisions regarding the direction of this project. Going forward with two main arcs for now - The Past of LJ8' and Charasi's Independence'. These will then combine into an overarching storyline wherein LJ8 and Charasi interact before ultimately ending in Charasi becoming independent again.

As far as gameplay goes, I am currently exploring puzzle designs that place more importance on strategy than chance - something which may require trial-and-error before becoming successful. As always, I will keep you apprised on any developments along this route.

Developer logs won't follow a weekly schedule but rather be shared as and when ready. My current focus may impact this regularity but please rest assured I remain fully dedicated to seeing this project through to completion.

Soon I will provide more specific plans. Your understanding and ongoing support mean so much to me! Thank you all so much.

Thank you for always showing such patience and persevering on our journey together.

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