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Immerse yourself in our captivating world in Find with Seoul: Prequel. This exciting prequel blends all the exciting components of Rogue-lite card gaming with an engaging narrative to propel you towards continued development!

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Please accept my sincerest apology for our delayed updates regarding "Stations in Seoul", which went beyond what was promised initially.

Unfortunately, my need to secure employment was an impediment to managing this project effectively. While preparing for interviews I thought I could balance both activities at once; unfortunately this proved unsuccessful; consequently I became incapable of communicating efficiently, particularly creating videos and developer logs efficiently which became unexpectedly stressful; nevertheless I remain dedicated to maintaining developer logs even without video footage or images available to share.

As my job interviews come to a close, I am finding more time for this project. Due to some outstanding tasks that remain undone, however, it would be premature of me to set any specific completion timeline just yet - please accept my apology in this matter.

Thinking over my project and its direction, I have made several key decisions regarding its direction. We will prioritize expanding its card game aspect - expanding to 120 cards for multiple combinations - over story elements at this stage of development. This may involve deprioritizing them for now.

Additionally, we intend to develop new maps which emphasize roguelike elements by deviating from our current strategy simulation maps and towards those more focused on roguelikes. While this change might require some trial-and-error for us, we're excited for it nonetheless!

Due to my job preparations and current circumstances, developer logs will not follow an established weekly schedule; they will instead be posted as they become ready. I assure you, though, that I remain dedicated to finishing this project successfully.

Thank you so much for understanding and supporting my efforts; they mean so much to me! Eventually I hope to come back with more specific goals in mind. Thank you again.

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