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Congratulations! You've discovered this secret game on steam.

It's just one old RPG from 2004 that still receives updates today by one solo developer.

More detailed information can be found on the fandom wiki. (It's also working in progress.)

  • Full Text-to-Speech Support. (Don't want to read walls of text in an RPG? No problem. Press "S" in dialogs, and your system reads it for you!)
  • First-person gunfight during battle.
  • Deployable traps, barricades, and furniture to decorate your home.
  • Your very own home with a map editor. ALL MAPS in the game can be edited during the gameplay. Support import/export map to RMXP.
  • Magical items and anomalies with their own mechanisms.
  • Endless procedurally generated quests from mission boards.
  • A powerful cheat console that can run Ruby script.
  • Minigames! The awesome part of an open-world RPG is, that you can get all those minigames for free!
  • Frequent updates. Who knows what you can find in the future.
  • DRM-Free!
  • Highly customizable playing experience.

Risks: (I will be totally honest with you. Thus, I put it here)

1, The game is made with a very old game engine. (For memories' sake)

2, There is only one developer.

3, I am terrible at 2D art.

4, I am not a native speaker of English.

Thus, I provide an honest demo for you. The demo version will update all the way till a certain story is finished.

It reflects the current stage of game development in almost real-time.

If you find the game stopped updating for more than 14 days without any explanation, it's safe to assume I'm dead.

In that case, do not buy the game.

As the game is one of the first and last RMXP games that's ever been developed, I'm not exactly aiming to make it something great. (or even sane.)

Instead, it needs to be unique and fun in a way that people can rarely see nowadays, to make people laugh maniacally even in a grimdark world where both the in-game world and the life circle of RMXP are coming to an end.


Welcome to our secret society of [redacted]. We are among the most ancient ones in our line of work.

For a long time, we have witnessed the rise and fall of many others.

The situation is grim, the world almost ended in 2008, 2012, 2015, and 2020.

Some people predict it will keep ending this year, next year, and the year after.

But, well, even if that's true, even if the ending is inevitable, it is tragic, we are still alive.

So, cheer up! We shall carry on.

As long as we stand, the world shall never fall!

To the end...

Unbalanced and Unfair

Beneath the facet of the beautiful life people called "normal", lurks the truth that this secret struggle is never fair.

There are things that can hardly be killed. They may come in great numbers to overwhelm us.

Even when not facing such a supernatural entity, a well-trained Kung Fu master can still be killed by just a bullet.

But, We Fight on With All We Have!

We have guns and our own magic. We even learned to bind supernatural entities to our wills.

We have tools and artifacts, we have skills ranging from combat to conversation.

If there is a lock that can hardly be picked, try blowing it.

There are always solutions.

If not, may the butterflies preserve us.

You Are Different.

Your arrival was not expected. You were not on any lists. We know little about you.

Show us, who you are and who you will become with all the perks/skills/proficiency you may develop.

We may still stand a chance against all odds with your help.

Lead us...

In This Vast World

Your loyal companions will follow you from ancient ruins to modern metropolis, from east to west.

You will meet common folks we swear to protect, watching them live their "normal" life.

You will discover mysteries, and solve them when combating evil forces lurking in the dark.

The Secret History

The story behind this game:

It's the first Neolithic game with English localization that comes to Steam since 2004 when the first game of Neolithic was published in a dark corner of China.

Compared to a commercial game, this is more like a memento to the old golden age of RPG Maker XP (when indie games are really indie; when updates are free instead of being paid DLCs; when developers update games for years, even decades instead of abandon projects as soon as it's no longer profitable; when games are made with passion instead of money-hunger; And, when RPG Maker was not used to just make those cheap adult-only games.)


There are many games out there, made with modern tools and more than 1 developer. They are supposed to be better than mine.

But, they are not. Why?

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DD 157 The Floor of Wind and the Cave of Dreamers

Jan 27 2024

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another week's developer's diary.

This week's content update is still focusing on Qinuyi areas. Those areas are as follows:

The Sealed Palace

The Floor of Wind is now almost complete. When you enter this area, the Dark Elf King will briefly tell you what to expect.

The entire floor is an illusion of the once-floating Sky Island the dark elves once inhabited. The guardian of the floor is too proud to forget their lost glory. His regrets and hatred become the storm that periodically blows through this floor even to this day. You will need to take shelter if the wind grows strong.

The Floor of Wind is also the home of those creatures known as Dorabis.They will attack any interlopers just like other creatures on the other floors. You can capture them and turn them into your pets. Defeating them may also reward you with the Golden Stones of Xuanhuang.

On the Floor of Fire, Melton Golems may now provide additional challenges to your adventure.It's based on real-life medicine for ASD. However, because of some complex rating reasons, I didn't put its real-life name here. We are mainly using its side-effects here as the medicine can cause overtalkative which is to "remove silence" in the game. Yet, I'm still going to use this in the game. It's another reminder that life is simply unfair beneath the "nice and beautiful" facets. There are people who suffer from ASD from an early age. There are people unable to have a social life that others consider "normal" because of this disorder. Some may keep their distance from them while I will not. Everyone is welcome in this game for myself is also a freak who updated this game for almost 20 years.

It's another item with some old memories. The name of this item has a history back in the day of SAPC++ and even Koei's old classical game Uncharted Waters 4. That's almost as old as this game. However, Koei never made an English version of UnCharted Waters 4 even after they made a remake.
So, it's likely something people never heard about anywhere outside the Far East part of the world. So, I decided to add it to the game with English localization to describe its anomalous effect in our game. Of course, there are some changes to fit our game. But, you can get an idea about what this strange artifact is. Functionally, your enemies will find it quite hard to stop you from spell-casting as you can gain a lot of state resistance.

Egypt Polishing
Thanks to 渺兔‘s streaming on his journey to get through Chapter Two, I did some polishing and bug-fixing in Egypt areas when I watched. For example: You can now use Ultrasonic devices to blow The Sphinx Boss into pieces as it's stone after all.

That's for this week. Time goes by so fast, it's already at the end of the first month of 2024. I hope everyone is having a happy and productive January. :)
This week's full update logs:
[Earth Golem]Increased their burning resistance.
[Enemy]New Enemy: Molten Golem
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Fire]Added Molten Golems
[Loot]Added a loot table for Molten Golems. (They may drop Ruby Stones of Shenhong in this area.)
[Pet]Molten Golems can now be turned into pets.
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Fire]Fixed the incorrect battle background image.

[Sealed Palace - Floor of Earth]Added some trees as a floor mechanism.
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Earth]"Yaers's Approval" is now hidden behind a line of trees.
[Tilemap]New Tilemap: Wind Cave. (To be used on the Floor of Wind.)
[Tilemap]Added new battle background image for Wind Caves.
[Prefix]New Prefix: Fanatical-Befriender's (Increase Binding Skill Level Up Speed. It's a generic prefix that may appear on most weapons or equipment.)
[Prefix]New Prefix: Kleptomaniac (Increase Pick-Pocket Skill Level Up Speed. It's a generic prefix that may appear on most weapons or equipment.)
[Wonderland Travel Agency]If there is any boss in a random cave, the mini-map shall now mark their spawn location with a skull icon. So you can hunt them down much easier.
It's now possible to add customized marks on mini-maps through code.

[Enviornment]New Battlefield Environment: Sky
[Sealed Palace]The Floor of Wind is now accessible.
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Wind]Added a new mechanism for this location.
[The Legend of an Elf King]Stroy continues when you enter the Floor of Wind. The Dark Elf King will explain the mechanism of the Floor of Wind and why this floor looks like this.
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Wind]Added a chest that contains "Wyande's Approval."
[Butterfly]You can now teleport from any floor in the Sealed Palace to any other floors you have previously visited.
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Fire]Fixed some localization issues in Chinese localizations.

[Boss]The Sphinx Boss in Egypt is now considered a "Stone" enemy. Thus, a certain invention of Dr. Kyoryu can cause great damage to him.
[Skill]Cleansing can now also remove Acid Burn.
[Boss]Reduced the Aten High Priest (Shaded Version)'s HP regeneration.
[Item]New Equipment: The Beak of Heroic Speech
[Outside the Grand Library]Added a new encounter with an Anomaly Smuggler. The Beak of Heroic Speech is the reward of this encounter.
[Lost in the Sand]Fixed the issue that a part of the mission log misses Traditional Chinese localization. (Thanks to 渺兔's streaming )
[Lost in the Sand]Fixed the issue that a part of the mission dialogs misses Traditional Chinese localization.

[Enemy]New Enemy: Dorabis
[Loot]Added a loot table for Dorabis (You may get Golden Stones of Xuanhuang if you defeat them on the Floor of Wind.)
[Sealed Palace - Floor of Wind]Dorabis may appear on this floor.
[Pet]You can now turn Dorabis into pets.
[Item]StimShot now also removes silence.
[Item]New Prefix: Deadly. (Increase critial chance. It's a generic prefix that may appear on most weapons or equipment.



[Sealed Palace - Floor of Water]You can now do some fishing here.
[Qinuyi]New Location: Cave of Dreamers
[Butterfly]Once you have visited the Cave of Dreamers, you can teleport there from Qinuyi.
[Butterfly]Added butterfly support to teleport out from the Cave of Dreamers.
[Cave of Dreamers]Depending on whether you enter the cave during the day or night, you will end up in different locations in the cave. Butterfly Wings also respects this rule.
[Cave of Dreamers]Added to relatively easy puzzles.
[Item]New Medicine: Eloquoria (Cure Silence and Fear. It's now sold in many different hospitals.)
[Marinas]Added a hospital sign on the hospital building.
[Lost in the Sand]If you ally with the Illuminati, when you besiege the Black Pyramid, the Illuminati Quartermaster outside the Black Pyramid now also sells Eloquoria.
[Item]Reduced the price of RPG missiles.


[Lost in the Sand]Fixed a typo in Chinese localizations. (Thanks to 渺兔's streaming )



[Cave of Dreamers]Add new BGM.
[Cave of Dreamers]The color of the cave now constantly changes.
[Cave of Dreamers]Added a Stone Guardian. He will give you a final test before you can enter the Mages Guild.
[Cave of Dreamers]After defeating the Stone Guardian, you can now talk to him to get more information.

[Cave of Dreamers]You can also turn the light on/off by talking to the Stone Guardian after defeating him. (Based on feedback, some like it, and some do not. So, it's all up to you to have the light or not.)
[Cave of Dreamers]Added a Guild Trainer who teaches some spells.


[Enemy]Moved fire slime's enemy generate code from the troop generate to data overload.
[Enemy]Moved Statue of Philosopher's generate code from its old function to data overload. This function is also removed.

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